Manikka Pandidhar, the disciple of Maanikkavasagar was born in Rathinagiri Malai who belongs to Aadhi Saiva community. He went to several temples to worship God and also has a quest to do the spiritual works.

After visiting several spiritual temples he reached Madurai. He worshiped Madurai Sokkanathar, Angayarkanni and stayed in Madurai for few days. On one early morning, he saw Manikkavasagar in Madurai Sokkanathar temple. Manikkavasagar blessed and said the sivagnanam will develop by him. He became the devotee of Vadavoorar and did pooja works. Along with Vadavoorar he went to many sacred pilgrimages. At Last, he visited Chidambaram to worship Thillai Ambalavanan.

Manikkavasagar gave Jnana Theetchai, Jnanapidaegamaum and named his name to manikka pandidhar. He gave Rajalinga moorthi along with Meenatchi moorthi to him, and asked to establish the madalayam in the name of him in Kongu Naadu.

Establishment of Tiumadalayam:

By order of Guru, the madam has been established in the name of Maanikkavasagar in Sivapoosai Vadakuradha veedhi, Avinasi. Theetchai and the preachment regarding Saiva Sidhandha Saththiram have been provided here.

After that Tirumadam has been established in Visayamangalam in the name of Maanikkavasagar and theetchai, preachment of Jnanam has been provided here. As he wished to do the meditation about sivayogam alone, he setup the ashram in forest near Visayamangalam and does the pooja works. The ashram is named as Saamiyaar Paalayam.

Koonampatti as Saamiyaar Paalayam:

Swamiji Sri La Sri Manikkavasagar established Thirumadalayam in different places like Vaatpoakki, Avinaasi and Vizayamangalam. He resolved the grievances of the adherents in Saamiyaar Paalayam which is 7 km west to Visayamangalam.

At that time, king who belongs to Samana Samayam ruled Visayamangalam. He has a son with hump backs. As king knews the greatness of swamiji, one day he brought his son to him and asked swamiji to cure the hump backs.

Immediately he cured and stood up straight. With Surprise and Joy, the King set up the Sivalayam, mandapam and Madalayam. According to the tradition of Samana Samayam, the king established the Sivalayam towards west. The sivalayam only known as Rajalinga Moorthi Sivalayam.

As the hump backs of King’s son have been cured, the saamiyaar palayam is named as koonampatti adheenam. The king’s son has got married in the same Madalayam koonampatti is also named as kalayanapuri.